Lucia Love Interview


Lucia at Home…

Do you have a pet? If you do, what is it? Got a picture? If you don’t, what would you have if you could?
I don’t have a pet cos I’m in a flat at the moment but if I did I would be the crazy cat lady lol

Do you ever forget to put your knickers on when you go out?
not really forget more like I like to go out without knickers 😉 like the feeling of being free down below

What’s the perfect Sunday morning for you?
sleeping until mid day, having sex, lazing around having more sex, eating having sex and repeated pretty much all day lol

If people haven’t seen you in a movie yet can you suggest your favourite or just one you think they would enjoy?
check my scenes in harmony’s Dark Edge by Tanya Hyde and Sugar fuck Candy by Strangelove which have both been nominated in the UKAP awards Dark Edge by Tanya Hyde for best film and my scene with Samantha Bentley in Sugar fuck Candy is up for best girl/girl 😉 loved these scenes but also check out my faketaxi and public agent for some great reality porn

Do you have a bear or a favourite inanimate object that you take to bed with you? Describe?
I have big ass hippo called Sebastian

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
working with great companies and working with awesome performers

Where can people find you at your filthiest?
In a gangbang lol


Lucia in Bed…

What do you like more, giving or receiving oral sex?
equally Both

What gets you wet?
Pussy and cock

What’s the most guys you’ve ever been fucked by in one session? Was it on film or just for fun?
15 just for a fun 😉

Who gave you your first orgasm? Was it with yourself, girlfriend, boyfriend?
probably Myself rubbing myself on something like a pillow when I was young

Lucia in Fantasy Land…

Combine 3 people to make your perfect man.
Hannibal Lecter (from silence of the lambs), Goblin king (from labyrinth) and Edward (from Edward Scissorhands)


Sex or shopping? Which would you choose? Half an hour of sex with Johnny Depp or half an hour of shopping with Roman Abramovich’s credit card?
If anyone choosers shopping over fucking Johnny Depp then they should not deserve a place on this earth lol

What do you find more attractive in a man? Money or Power (presume both have a big cock)?

Do you squirt?
Yes but only with gifted fingers or a massive cocks

What’s a better 3sum for you? You and two guys or you with one guy and one girl?
Fucks that’s so hard………. two guys you have two cocks for DP or DVP and then the other hand you have a pussy to play with 🙁 can i say both and go from one to the other or just chuck the girl in and turn it into a 4sum, that’s better 😉

Spit or swallow?
SWALLOW every time

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