Jenna J Ross: Naked Naked Interview

008 A self proclaimed Photo Whore and Mattress Actress, Jenna J Ross is a proud Bostonian and a sensational performer. I caught up with her to find out just what makes her such a popular Porn Starlet:

Do you have a secret talent and what is it?
I’m a magician! I can hide a ten-inch cock in multiple different parts of my body. 😉

What’s the furthest place you’ve ever visited?
The farthest place I’ve visited was Saint Petersburg, Russia. It took 24 hours for us to even get there, but it was a great learning experience. I really got to see how another culture thrives up-close.

What do you like most about the business?
I like that we are a community that supports one another, and accepts each other for who we are. Not many communities are like that and the lack of judgement is refreshing.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever had an orgasm?
It was definitely in the dark room of the photo lab at my high school. There’s something about being in the pitch-black darkness that intensifies everything.

029My ‘nerd’ subject is definitely…
Lubricant! Before I entered porn, I spent a good 6-9 months doing toy reviews and I really got into the chemical make up of lubricants.

The best thing about my job is…
The freedom to be my own boss! I also love how I can be who I want to be, without any other industry member judging me or telling me that I’m wrong.

Night in or night out?
I’m much more of a homebody, but when I do go out, I make sure it’s a night to remember with some of my best friends.

Erotica X 12The last furry thing I touched was….
My kitten Mucca! She’s six months old and a ball of fur fury.

What’s your current desktop picture?
My current desktop picture is one that I took myself while at Fenway Park in Boston, MA. I then added one of my favourite Boston based quotes, “Well I love that dirty water, Boston you’re my home”.

Are you naturally an exhibitionist?
Yes! When I was in high school I was always seeking out new places to hook up in and some of them weren’t so hidden. 🙂


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