A Quickie with Fanny: Faye rampton

Faye Rampton

Age: 30 and a bit

Profession: Porn Megastar

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been asked to do in your line of work?
I’ve stuck and aubergine up my arse! And let me tell you, that ‘ain’t easy! And it’s even worse trying to get it out…

If you ruled the country (and seeing as we’re a bit skint) which of the following would you tax? Banking or Wanking?
I’ve been kinda surprised that there hasn’t been a revolution already but I guarantee you if you introduced a WankTax the people would be revolting!

Who’s sexier? Jeremy Clarkson or Homer Simpson?
Homer Simpson, in fact I think I might of shagged him a few weeks ago on a drunken night out! If it wasn’t him it was someone bald with a thyroid deficiency!

What do you like to wear under a short skirt? Panties? Boy shorts? Frenchies? Thong? Nothing?
Nothing! Much more fun and saves on the laundry bills!

Who would you rather have in your bed? William? Kate?
Kate and Pippa preferably

What’s the shortest time you’ve known someone before having sex with them?
Who’s counting when you’re invited to a gangbang!

Who would you rather have a threesome with? Cameron & Clegg? Ant & Dec? The Mitchell Bruvvas?
Is that a trick question? They’re all gay aren’t they?

Does your mum know what you do?
Once she got over the fact that I wasn’t going to be a brain surgeon she was fine!

Q.  What’s the temptation you can’t resist?
Angel delight and anal sex!

Does size matter?
Not at all. As long as it’s over 9″ it doesn’t matter.

Q.  What’s your sexual speciality? 
Double anal.

Where can we see more of you?
Check out my insanely depraved webcam sessions with MILFtastic Wendy Taylor at: www.fayescam.com

Twitter: @faye_rampton

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