8 Ways To Get A Woman To Climax

how to get a woman to cum with youIt’s no secret that almost 80 percent of women can’t achieve an orgasm from penetration alone but unlocking the key to your gal’s climax might not be as complicated as you think! Trying one or all of the suggestions below will make your next intimate encounter truly orgasmic for you and your lover!

8. Tap into her dark fantasies
Every woman has one or two but she may be shy about telling you about her spanking fetish! Encourage her to share with no judgement then you do the same. You might be surprised what your girl craves! Tapping into her deepest fantasies is a sure way to bring her to the ultimate pinnacle of bliss!

7. Be aware of her cycle
A women is more likely to have an orgasm during her period. Now I know the thought of getting busy during this time freaks out some people but consider this…a woman is more easily aroused and sensitive to touch when she’s ovulating. Plus, increased blood flow creates a tighter feeling around the vaginal opening which means a snugger fit for you fellas! Preparation is key here. Have towels handy or head to the shower but don’t rule out being intimate! Having sex during your gal’s cycle could possibly shorten her period and give her the best orgasms of her life!

6. Experiment with sexual positions
Experimenting with different coitus positions is essential to discovering which one will make your woman scream your name the fastest! Pick the position that gives her the deepest penetration and the opportunity to tease her clit. There are many positions suited for this but I’m going to share three of my favourites. First up? The doggy position, especially if you place a pillow under her stomach to raise her bottom up. You’ll hit her G-spot with each thrust guaranteeing her chances of creaming all over your cock!

There are many reasons the missionary position is tried and true! Not only are you face to face but this position gives her the opportunity to play with her clit and breasts, increasing her orgasmic potential! Place a pillow under her bum, put her legs over your shoulders and lift her up as you thrust into her at a consistent pace. You’ll have her cumming in no time!

Last, but certainly not least…try cowgirl! Seat yourself on the edge of a chair and have your woman straddle you. Tell her to lean back and ride you hard! Tease her clit, play with her nipples and don’t forget to mention how hot she looks bouncing up and down on your cock! Don’t be timid about trying new positions. Be bold in your sexual explorations and you’ll have her weeping tears of ecstasy in no time!

5. Ease her concerns
Women tend to fret about the littlest things when it comes to sex! Many gals worry about how they look to you naked so never neglect telling her how beautiful she is before, during and after sex! Ease her mind by telling her how good she tastes and smells! So many women struggle with feelings of apprehension about these things when you’re between their legs. Your reassurance will go a long way in getting her to relax so she can concentrate on how good you’re making her feel. Amazing orgasms are more likely if your woman is confident you’re loving the way she looks, tastes and smells during sex!

4. Don’t forgo foreplay
Okay, so this one is a biggie. Most women need a warm-up to get hot…wet for intercourse! Foreplay is an art form unique to the partner you’re with and you can absolutely master it…if you’re willing to take the time to figure out what your lover needs to get in the mood. Don’t pass up the chance to turn her on! Foreplay begins long before your cock ever enters her. It’s emptying the dishwasher or taking the dog for a walk before she asks. It’s the sexy text, voicemail or look given before the two of you ever hit the sheets! Foreplay is showing your partner you’re willing to do whatever it takes to send her over the edge!

3. Commit to her pleasure
Lots of women panic when it takes them longer than they think it should to climax. Trust me, these concerns can distract a gal from the pleasure she’s receiving. She’s wondering if you’re getting tired of licking her pussy, not knowing you’re in seventh heaven feasting on her! Assure her from the start you don’t care how long it takes to get her off. Let her know you will not stop until she comes for you! Stating this will make her super wet and following through will no doubt be an erotic journey for you both.

2. Keep her engaged
Sex for a woman is more mental than physical. Keep her engaged while you’re balls deep inside of her by coaxing her onward to the utmost heights of pleasure! Whisper that naughty little something you know will send her over the edge! Look deep into her eyes and tell her she’s going to cum for you no matter what. There’s something very primeval about a man stating that and giving a woman the pounding she needs to back it up! Never underestimate the power of your words when it comes to making your lady climax!

1. Pay attention to her clit
This would seem obvious but it bears stating! There are approximately 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris. The penis only has 4,000! The clit isn’t just the sexy button you see. Underneath, it’s actually shaped like a wishbone, extending 3 inches into the vagina and it’s connected to the G-spot. So be gentle, be reverent but give your babe’s love nub the attention it deserves. Doing so will pay off for you both big time! Remember, the harder you make her climax, the more she’ll ask you for sex…and isn’t that what you want after all?

What techniques have you tried in the bedroom that have gotten your girl off? Do share in the comments section below!

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