Top 10 Sex Toys for Him

It’s 2013, the 21st century! The stigma that once surrounded sex toys has virtually gone, it’s perfectly acceptable for the modern man to want to heighten their personal pleasure and more power to them I say! I don’t have a toy box under the bed, I have a toy chest! And why shouldn’t guys have just as much fun with their toys as girls?

If you’re in a relationship that needs a bit of spice or maybe you’re single and you feel like the only variety you’re getting is whether you use your left or your right hand and even then that’s only if you’re lucky enough to be ambidextrous! Never fear, Fanny is here and with a little help from my personal sex toy shopping assistant over at I’m going to broaden your imagination and open your mind to the possibilities of the ultimate self pleasures.  Gone are the days of the soapy w*nk or the cornstarch vag (I see you raising an eyebrow, but it’s been known!) behold boys, the Top 10 Sex Toys for Him….

sext-toys-for-him1010. Leather Cuffs – key item for any toy collection. I know you may well be thinking ‘what good are cuffs if I’m having a little solo session!?’ but you’d be surprised.  The feeling of being bound, even a little, can be very arousing. I’m not talking Michael Hutchinson kinky (always play safe folks) just one wrist cuffed to a bedpost perhaps…plus you’ll always have them in if you ever have a kinky lady friend over to play 😉

sex-toys-for-him99.  Nipple Clamps –’re not just for girls! (The picture is purely because I love t*ts!) Nipple clamps are ideal if you like a little pain with your pleasure and a good place to start if you’re just starting out testing your sexual limits.  The clamps featured here are rubber tipped, perfect for beginners as they offer an added bit of comfort.  And I can tell you from personal experience that the feathers feel luscious!

sex-toys-for-him88.  Blindfold – must have for every sexual being in my expert opinion.  Yes blindfolds are more often than not part of playing with a partner, there is no quicker, cheaper, more effective way to heighten your arousal and awaken your senses than to take away your sight.  Playing alone you’ll be forced to focus on what you can feel and to sink inside your own imagination…

sex-toys-for-him77. Cock Cage – Scared yet? :-P…Ok, so it’s not for everyone, but like I said with the cuffs, bondage can be an extremely erotic, powerful thing, as is control.  Having your cock encaged in cool metal, being denied your sweet release…it’s heady stuff my friends! Could you imagine wearing this beneath your suit at the office?  Around the house? Being aware of it’s presence all day, keeping you on the edge, building your desire, your need…

sex-toys-for-him66. Anal Beads –’s an art to these babies, but once mastered…oh my days…

I know, I know, it’s daunting, but trust me if you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing!
These beads in particular in are ideal for beginners to anal play, the beads are graduating in size, so no need to take more than you’re comfortable with.  (Pssst a little tip: keep hold of the handle and just as you’re about to blow….pull. You’re very welcome 😉 ).

sex-toys-for-him55. Vibrating Bullet – should have a bullet, EVERYONE! I for one never leave home without mine, well a girl never knows…

For men the tip can be placed just behind the balls during ‘sexy time’, allowing sweet, sweet sensations to vibrate through the perineum to the prostate gland (male G-Spot: see Ask Fanny) mmmmmm trust me you’ll loooooove it.

sex-toys-for-him44. Butt Plug – The one term I can’t say without sniggering, Butt Plug *sniggers*, it may have a hilarious title, but the pleasure to be had is serious people!  If you’ve never tried one, do it! Be brave, be adventurous, explore yourself, how do you know if you never try and all those other clichés.  Start small, be patient and stick with it.  That feeling of fullness while you…mmmmmm well, you get the picture!

If you’ve tried it, loved it….I commend you, treat yourself to a new one! And go bigger 😉

(Pssst a little tip: hold a bullet against the base, ta da, vibrating butt plug 😉 )

sex-toys-for-him33. Penis Ring – the fun I’ve had with these. One of my favourite additions to the toy chest, there are so many different types to choose from and I wanna play with them all! Vibrating rings, remote control rings, rings with clit stimulation attached, rings with anal beads attached….the possibilities are endless.  The clincher ring (shown here) is perfect for beginners, just pop it on, pull it snug and enjoy your erection for hours! And for under a tenner, what’s not to love??

sex-toys-for-him22. Prostate Massager – can’t stress enough how much I believe that every man (and woman) should explore every inch of their bodies, especially if it’s a part that can bring unbridled pleasure!  Explore yourself, you never know what you might unlock….

If you’re unsure about the whole matter of the prostate/male G-Spot check out my Ask Fanny section, I’ll guide you through the mind blowing possibilities…

If you’re something of an old pro with prostate massage then check out LovesJessica’s range of massagers, I particularly like the look of the ‘Big Boy’!

sex-toys-for-him11. The Fleshlight – swear I want a penis for a day just to play with one of these bad boys!! The pièce de résistance, the crème de la crème, the number one Sex Toy for Him in the world, behold, The Fleshlight.  Discreet, tasteful and (I’m told) as good as the real thing! Lube her up, sink between the moulded soft lips to the tight vortex inside for the ultimate w*nk!!

Fancy experiencing the ultimate Male Masturbator for yourself!?? I’ve teamed up with your personal sex toy shopping assistant to offer you not one, but FIVE chances to get your hands on your very own Fleshlight!  Simply like or on Facebook, follow @getfanny or @ShopAnnSummers on Twitter or tweet about the giveaway to be in with FIVE chances to win!

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