Top 10 Sexiest Babes from Game of Thrones

Are you missing your Game of Thrones fix? Missing all that smoking hot TV talent? Can’t wait until 2019 for the next season?! Me either! How about a little something to tide you over? Oh go on then, here’s the Top 10 Sexiest Babes from Game of Thrones, as voted for by…me (trust me, I’m qualified)!


10.Gwendoline Christie

AKA Brienne of Tarth a tall, stoic woman who looks like she could crush a man’s skull with her thighs. A strong start to our Top 10 Sexiest Babes from Game of Thrones count down!

9.Hannah Murray

Awww sweet Gilly, not everyone’s cuppa tea, granted. When she’s not playing the new wildling mamma I reckon she scrubs up alright.

8.Esmé Bianco

Mmmmm mmmm Esmé Bianco, she played the insatiable Winterfell/King’s Landing whore, Ros. She was almost always deliciously naked, until the rat faced King Joffrey got his dirty little mits on her!
esmé bianco - sexiest babes from game of thrones

7.Carice Van Houten

The Red Woman gets a firm number 7 spot, with her devilish nature and sinful curves, it’s no wonder men practically bow at her feet.
carice van houten

6.Sophie Turner

Sweet, naïve Sansa Stark, she grew into the elegant Lady of Winterfell that all the bad boys wanted. In the words of Rhi Rhi, once a good girl goes bad, she gone forever…

5.Nathalie Emmanuel

Beautiful, wise, not so innocent Missandei. She couldn’t wait to get a bit of that Grey Worm!!
Nathalie Emmanuel - sexiest babes from Game of Thrones

4.Rose Leslie

‘You know nothing Jon Snow!’ ahh the nostalgia. She may have been killed off from GoT, but there’s still a spot for Ygritte at number four in the Sexiest Babes from Game of Thrones.
rose leslie - sexiest babes from game of thrones

3.Natalie Dormer

Also known as Queen Margaery Tyrell, that face says it all, you can just tell she’s absolute filth!
Natalie Dormer - Sexiest Babes from Game of Thrones

2.Lena Heady

We all love a bad girl and they don’t come much sassier then Cersei Lannister! She’s a murderous, incestuous bitch, but my days is she smoking.
Lena Headey - sexiest babes from game of thrones

1.Emilia Clarke

Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, what ever you wish to call her, there is no denying she thoroughly deserves her place in the top spot in the Sexiest babes from Game of Thrones!
sexiest babes from game of thrones


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