3 Reasons to Masturbate More!

reasons to masturbate moreI know you love jacking your cock. A good wank feels amazing, right? But did you know that not only does masturbating feel good, it’s good for you? If you’ve ever considered whether or not you wank too much, I say nonsense! In fact, I’ve got three reasons to masturbate more.

It Reduces Your Risk of Cancer
Wanking is good for your health. According to medical research conducted in Australia, men who ejaculate often, lower their risk of colon cancer by 33%. Wow. You could actually save your own life by wanking! Be a hero and give yourself some palm pussy.

It Improves Your Attitude
Every time you shoot a load, your brain gets a shot of dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that does a lot of different things while making you feel happier, more optimistic, better adjusted and just giving you an overall better outlook on life. There’s a famous quote that says ‘your attitude determines your altitude’. So basically, if you want to go places in life, you need to wank your cock!

It Keeps You in the Game Longer
As men age, their midsections aren’t the only things that can get a little flabby without proper exercise. Everybody knows that lifting weights is a great way to keep your muscles toned but it’s easy to forget that your cock is a muscle and exercise keeps it hard too. If you want to keep getting it up when you start getting up in age, you need to keep your cock fit. Luckily, keeping your cock in shape doesn’t involve dumbbells. All you have to do is stroke it! Too bad all workouts aren’t as much fun!

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