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Escort Lucy LaneIt’s come to my attention that there are a worrying number of people paying mind to the rising number of ‘feminist’ groups calling for things like banning lads magazines and our beloved Page 3 girls (could you imagine!?), women who claim to fight for women’s rights and spread ludicrous theories about sex workers being trapped or damaged people fiercely unhappy with their lives and having no alternative but to work with in the sex industry. In an attempt to open the minds of the oblivious and to spread my love of the female form I’m going to be sharing the thoughts/experiences of sex workers across the industry, starting with the beautiful Lucy Lane! I caught up with Lucy to pick her brain about what an average day as an escort is like for her, here’s how it went:

On an average day…

Would you wake up at home or a hotel, what time roughly?
I’d wake up at home, in my own bed and I’m lucky enough to have the sun shining through my window first thing on a morning which is beautiful over the summer. Depending on how late I was working the night before between 8 and 9.

Breakfast? What/where?
As soon as I wake up I throw on some joggers etc (I know sexy right?) and head straight over to my working flat where I get ready. Brekkie is first, usually a bowl of golden syrup porridge and a cup of coffee while I read for an hour before getting ready.

Beauty regime?
Too simple…I don’t spend enough time on it, quick shower, shave what needs doing, use my exfoliator on my body and my face wash on my face. Then I wrap a towel round me and head back to my warm living room. Moisturise and put my make up on leaving my hair till last. Then I usually curl it in front of the mirror with music on and a cuppa.

Outfit choice, how important is your appearance at work/day to day life?
I do like to always try to look good in work or in my private life. I always try to dress nice and have my hair and make up looking good. Outfit choice is fairly easy at work, I have a wardrobe with all my favourite outfits in all ready to go. Put on a pair of stockings and some heels, a spritz of perfume and a bit of lippy and I’m good to go.

What time would you start work? Do you usually have to travel?
I usually start around 10-11am but travel when I first wake up.

Would you eat lunch at home or out/with or without a client?
I usually eat lunch at the working flat, I would normally pop out and pick up a sandwich or a salad and take it back to the flat, usually on my own.

How many clients will you usually see in a day?
It varies, if it’s a longer appointment maybe 3-4 hours or sometimes longer, its usually only one, maybe two. But if it’s a day where people are rushing out on there dinner break for a quick half hour, usually a few more.

How do you spend your evenings, more work or relaxing?
More work but I love it…I usually head home and prepare some tea, with another cuppa. I do my webcamming and phone chat on an evening. Then a shower before I head to bed with my book.

How regular are overnights?
I only do overnight with regulars that I have been seeing for a long while. So they aren’t too often, I can probably count on my fingers how many I’ve done.
Lucy Lane Escort
How do you spend your free time?
In my free time I love to go out for a walk in the countryside with my ipod, go for a swim at the gym, or curl up with a good book and a cuppa. I’ve recently started playing the guitar too and although I’m terrible I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve read some of your rave reviews. What do you think makes you so good at what you do?
I have no idea, I do like to get to know my clients and they aren’t just another pair of shoes to me like they are with some girls and I generally remember holidays etc that they have mentioned previously and are usullay impressed that I remember, so I would like to think that has some thing to do with it. I love what I do and I think that shows, I think guys can see I’m really into what were doing. All I know is I must be doing something right so I have no plans to change it haha.

If you could give one piece of advice to a girl just starting out what would it be?
Trust your instinct! I’ve followed my gut since I started and have never had a bad client etc.

Who’s your dream client?
My dream client would be one who turns up on time…Nice and fresh, polite and respectful.

What’s your favourite type of client?
My favourite type of clients are the ones who know what they want and when they want it.

Best/worst things about your job?
Best things are all the lovely people I have got to meet and all the fun and laughs that I’ve had. Worst things about my job are the time wasters…I just don’t understand them.

If you weren’t in the job you’re in, what could you have seen yourself doing instead?
I honestly have no idea, I was doing office work which I hated and I think I found my true calling when I started escorting.

Are you pretty open with friends and family about your career choice?
I’m open with my friends, even my hairdresser etc, but with my family I tend to keep it quiet, I just don’t know how they would react so I keep it on the low. Its not worth taking the risk upsetting them if I don’t need to.

If/when you tell people you escort what’s the most common reaction?
‘Really?! Like sex and stuff!?’…Yep haha…that’s what we do!

What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had?
I haven’t really had many strange ones, I’d say the one that stands out to me in a kind of “you enjoy what?’ kind of way is a guy who wanted me to stand on his cock with my stilettoes, he wanted me to stand on the centre of his hands and his nipples and I made him bleed a few times but he loved it!

What do you think of the extreme feminists who are trying to ‘save’ sex workers from the evil clutches of the sex industry?
Tosh…Unless you have been in the industry people have no idea what it’s like. We’re here because we want to be, the guys are here because they want to be. We love what we do so in the nicest possible way…keep your nose out of our business and we’ll keep ours out of yours!

How do you prepare before and after a client?
Before a client I shower, moisturise, spritz of perfume, check my make up and hair and put on some sexy lingerie with heels. I change the bed and put on my candles and some porn. I make sure there are clean towels in the bathroom and plenty of mens toiletries for them to use. Afterwards its another shower and usually a fluffy dressing gown and cuppa because they usually wear me out!

What does the last message on your phone say? Do you talk in your skype shows?

What’s your screen saver? Its a boring pre-set one…Different colour lines wizzing around the screen

If you could have one superpower for a day what would it be? To read minds! I’d love to know what guys are thinking,

What’s the one thing people are/would be most suprised to know about you? I guess that I’m actually quite shy.

So there you have it, a happy, intelligent, beautiful woman who loves her job! A massive thank you to Lucy for getting involved and giving us all a little bit of an insight into her day to day life. If you’d like to see more of her you can follow @lucylane_xxx or check out her profile on Adultwork.

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