The Bunny Ranch Brothel

The Bunny ranch Nevada is a legal brothel where men can literally choose sex acts from a menu and women to have sex with from a lingerie clad line up. Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t. In ‘Brothel Country’ its completely normal.

In the state of Nevada brothels are entirely legal as is prostitution in a licensed property. The Bunny Ranch is one of eighteen across the state and can even be reviewed on

This video introduces you to the gorgeous ladies who say it is their choice to sell their bodies and they can live for a year off just a few weeks sexy time work.

All the girls are independent, so they make their own prices, working for no less than they value themselves. A typical ‘sexual party’ can last for minutes to days depending how much dosh you want to part with. 50% of the girl’s money goes to the house, but they say It’s worth it for the comfortable and safe working environment.

Bunny Ranch Girls


So who’s moving to Nevada then?

I may not have a physical line up for you, but check out this list of beauties all available for dirty chat, texting and swapping naughty pics to add to the wank bank.

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