Friday May 3rd

Ohhh whatta night!  I went to watch my hot friend Abbie dance last night.  I say dance, it was a borderline live sex act the way she gyrated in those laps!  She had those guys eating out of her palm and a fair few uncomfortably hard ‘soldier’ salutes in her honour 😉 The lucky thing!
In other news, I’m all packed and ready to jet off for my weekend of fabulously filthy fun in Amsterdam!  I’ll be sure to share my sexy shenanigans with you here when I get back.  In the meantime have a great Bank Holiday weekend, stay naughty and enjoy these saucy snaps of Abbie xx
abbie-dominatrix-sms_1 abbie-dominatrix-sms_2 abbie-dominatrix-sms_3

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