Thursday July 4th

Bad day at the office?  Spare a thought for this poor fooker…
Lol! An IT worker, forgetting his laptop was still hooked up to MASSIVE electronic billboard on the side of the building decided to take a sneaky peek at some, wait for it….Bald Nun Porn!  (I’m presuming bald as in shaven haven…*shrugs*) Yep you guessed it, he shared his ‘sexy sexy’ moment with all and sundry out on the street, classic!
Oh and before I forget…Happy 4th of July to all my American friends!  Especially my sexy Babe, the original American Beauty, Bree.
See the rest of her saucy shoot here
Anyway! Looks like the sun is coming out to play and so is a filthy Bi MILF I have the pleasure of knowing, so I’m off for some ‘sexy sexy’ fun of my own!  Don’t miss me too much 😉 Stay sexy xx
Check out #FannysFilth for today (if you can stomach it)… Filthy Ramirez!
I made @GoddessSinclair my Twitter Babe of the Day for you to worship/follow xx

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