Quickie with Fanny: Wendy Taylor


NAME:  Wendy Taylor

AGE:  Way over 25!

PROFESSION: Adult Performer

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve been asked to do in your line of work?
ah, that would be the time a guy wanted to fly me over to Holland to basically use him as a toilet (I did decline his kind offer)

If you ruled a country (and seeing as we’re a bit skint) which of the following would you tax? Banking or Wanking?
Oh, definitely banking! Would be a crime to stop people having free fun!

Who’s sexier? Jeremy Clarkson or Homer Simpson?
Omg! What a choice! Homer Simpson.

What do you like to wear under a short skirt? Panties? Boy shorts? Frenchies? Thong? Nothing?
Nothing, darling. Nothing!

Who would you rather have in your bed? William? Kate?
I’ll have both as long as they bring Pippa along too.

What’s the shortest time you’ve gone before having sex with someone?
Truthfully? About an hour. Was a long time ago though

Who would you rather have a fantasy threesome with? Ant & Dec? Cameron & Clegg? The Mitchell Bruvvas?
Haha. Cameron and Clegg cos politicians are always a bit pervy aren’t they.

Does your mum know what you do?
Erm, yes. When she was still alive babe.

What’s the one temptation you can’t resist?
A lovely hard cock right in front of me.  What’s a girl to do?

Does size matter?
I would love to say no but it does to me. I don’t actually enjoy the big monsters though!

What’s your sexual speciality?
Not saying no! Lol have been told I give a good bj though.

Where can we see more of you?
I’m a channel 940 regular on Bluebird tv and definitely check out my brand new website www.wendytaylor.co.uk (Done a few films as well! Lol)

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