Bonnie Rose Interview


Bonnie Rose at Home…

Do you have a pet? If you do, what is it? Got a picture? If you don’t, what would you have if you could?
I’d like a pet tiger I love them, amazing animals. I have a cat that’s grey and white called Milo he’s a bit blue lol he was accidentally dyed blue with some shampoo.

Do you ever forget to put your knickers on when you go out?
No, but I sometimes forget to bring them home.

What’s the perfect Sunday morning for you?
Breakfast in bed and sex sex sex sex!

Is there anything legal that you wouldn’t do?
Probably not, I’ll try anything once.

Are you superstitious? Ever been to a psychic? Do you believe in magic?
I’m very superstitious I’m terrified of the paranormal. I’ve spoken to psychics but they never seem to do me any good.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments when people have recognised who you are?
Not embarrassing, I like being recognised.

If people haven’t seen you in a movie yet can you suggest your favourite or just one you think they would enjoy?
My fave is my DP scene on Ddf network with Marcus Dupree and Chokey ice … Great fun to film and amazing scene!

Do you have a bear or a favourite inanimate object that you take to bed with you? Describe?
No just me lol
And the boyfriend, he’s like a teddy bear lol only a lot firmer.

What’s the one thing you’re guaranteed to order from the menu?

Where can people find you at your filthiest?
All the time, I’m constantly horny.

Bonnie Rose in Bed…

What do you like more, giving or receiving oral sex?
I like both but if I had to pick I’d say giving.

Do you masturbate? When? Where? How often?

Everyday wherever I am lol if I get the urge it’s gotta be done

Some women enjoy foreplay more than sex, do you enjoy foreplay?
I enjoy it yes of course but I like a good hard fucking too.

what gets you wet?
Playing with my clit and watching girls get it on.

What’s the most guys you’ve ever been fucked by in one session? Was it on film or just for fun?
On film 3

Who gave you the best sex you ever had?
This is a silly question all the sex I’ve had has mostly been good for obvious different reasons lol

Who gave you your first orgasm? Was it with yourself, girlfriend, boyfriend?
First Boyfriend, amazing.

What is your favourite sex toy?
My lelo rabbit!

Does size matter?

Bonnie Rose in Fantasy Land…

Combine 3 people to make your perfect man.
No such thing as a perfect man plus I’ve already found mine he’s not perfect but he’s fucking ace.

Sex or shopping? Which would you choose? Half an hour of sex with Johnny Depp or half an hour of shopping with Roman Abramovich’s credit card?

Do you have any unfulfilled sexual fantasies?
Not really, I’ve tried pretty much anything I just come up with random ideas lol right now I’m very into extreme hardcore.

You got a bit wrecked last night and can’t quite remember what happened, who would you rather find in bed next to you when you wake up? Wayne Rooney or Shrek?
Definitely shrek … Wayne rooney’s an ass.

What do you find more attractive in a man? Money or Power (presume both have a big cock)?
Power, I make my own money.

Would you like to direct a porn movie? Tell us the plot.
I already am doing and you will have to wait and see lol

Do you have a favourite football team? Which players balls would you most like to find in the back of your net?
Naaaah not bothered about football or the jumped up players.

Do you squirt?
Yes loads!

What’s a better 3sum for you? You and two guys or you with one guy and one girl?
Any which way lol

What’s the strangest thing you ever been asked to do on camera?
You really want to know … I was once asked of I would let someone’s Great Dane, fuck me that was the strangest, most disgusting request and I was not very nice in answering!

Spit or swallow?
Both depends on my mood. I like to spit the cum in someone else’s mouth

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