2015: The Year to Vote for Freedom

sexualfreedomI’m sure most of us are aware of the outrageous censorship of the UK Porn Industry in the later part of 2014. The AVMS video on demand regulations sparked an outcry from industry and non industry people alike and even resulted in a mass ‘Face Sitting Protest’ outside the Houses of Parliament.

Sexual Freedom activist, Jerry Barnett is appealing for the Great British public to use this election year to our advantage and, for the next few months, tell candidates that we expect them to actively support sexual freedom of expression with the kind of policies outlined here, or quite simply, we won’t vote for them!

This new puritanism is indeed politically motivated. The pressure on Internet Service Providers to move to default web filtering came directly from Cameron and the likes of Claire Perry pandering to tabloid scare headlines. What we learnt in 2014 was that, as so many of us warned, this led to censorship, including websites there to help victims of abuse or to support LGBT people.

Read Jerry’s article in full. You can also get involved by supporting Sex and Censorship who defend the freedom of expression in the UK.


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