The Real Fifty Shades


A XXX Tribute Premieres 14th February

realfifty2Television X, the home of British adult entertainment, caused controversy and outrage last year with a string of porn parodies culminating in Gobblecocks which whipped Channel 4 execs into a frenzy. Living up to its reputation of producing fresh and exciting British porn, TVX is at it again with The REAL Fifty Shades. With over 5.3 million copies of EL James’ trilogy sold in the UK alone and a growing female audience for all things erotic, this XXX pastiche promises an alternative take on the Dom/sub relationship.

Liselle Bailey, the UK’s leading female porn director, with her penchant for reality-based erotic fare was the obvious choice to direct. Ex-English teacher, Liselle, who hit the tabloids 5 years ago with the announcement that she was quitting the classroom for the adult entertainment business, has gone on to direct a string of award-winning series for Television X including This Porn Life, Liselle’s Sordid Summer, Girlie Weekend and Freshers.

Liselle’s vision for The REAL Fifty Shades was to keep it fairly dark and gritty. She wanted genuine chemistry in the power play to ensure her performers gave her real sex delivered with passion and enthusiasm. What we get is a female director’s sex-positive perspective on a series of extremely, intense sexual experiences. Liselle explains:

“This is the first time in ages that I’ve got really turned on writing a script. There’s serious, sexual tension in this movie – very, sexy sex. Sometimes porn isn’t always that, so I think this will appeal to couples and women that bit more. But guys will like it too. It’s still very much a porno. Very full-on.”

The cast features BBC Any Dream Will Do star Craig Chalmers (aka Ryan Ryder) and Geordie industry newbie Sienna Day. The REAL Fifty Shades is the anticipated adult movie of 2015. It bursts beyond the vanilla restraints of Hollywood convention. It puts the porn in ‘mummy porn’ and delivers an explicit, erotic fantasy that won’t leave you wanting more.

The REAL Fifty Shades premieres at 10pm on Saturday 14th February on Television X – Sky 903, Virgin 970, Freeview 171 and online at Here’s the SFW trailer to wet your appetite:

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