GNARLY RIDER – The First Personal Floating Sexual Stimulation Device

gnarlyriderA saddle that retrofits to an aquatic, elongated noodle-type flotation device, in order to convert it into a vibrating and floating sexual assembly. *Patent Pending

‘While floating nearly weightless, the GNARLY RIDER delivers exquisite, stimulation that is POWERFUL AND TURBULENT with your favorite waterproof bullet or vibrator. The saddle feels so erotic between your legs that it is BALLS OUT DANGEROUS providing EXTREME PLEASURE throughout your body every time you climax.

The multiple orgasms you receive from floating all day long while you are sexually aroused are OVER THE TOP. The GNARLY RIDER may be experienced alone, shared with your partner, or if you really like to get downright NASTY, with your friends at pool parties. BEYOND RADICAL!

The GNARLY RIDER saddle which houses the waterproof vibrator or bullet, provides discreet and quiet fun in the water, offering smooth, soothing vibrations. The medical grade silicone orb tantalizes your vulva and clitoris as you float in a state of bliss.

All combined, the GNARLY RIDER™ experience may be summed up as aquatic, erotic PERFECTION.’

Sounds like fun right? Wanna know where you can get one? Follow @GnarlyRide on Twitter and check out

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