Edible Anus

edibleanusAt last, thanks to a company called Edible Anus, you can now send chocolate shaped buttholes to that special someone if your life.

For just £23.95, you can give your other half the perfect reminder that they should probably make a point to eat your arse some time soon!

The company, based in Great Britain, also sells rectal T-shirts, and anal sculptures made out of glass or bronze, what more could you want!?

Sadly due to massive demand from the anal loving Brits the company have stopped taking orders for valentines day, but it’s definitely one to put on the list for future reference.
Edible Anus chocolates aren’t modeled after your specific anus, but if you really wanted one, you would have to make an appointment with Magnus Irvin (pictured right), the butt magician behind bronze anus molds.

Irvin began by creating anus sculptures in chocolate, but then moved on to metal sculptures.

bronze anus

“ The molds are available to anyone who wants their own anus cast, or a copy of someone else’s anus,” says Irvin, who has been making the chocolates for 15 years. “It just seemed to make some sort of poetic sense.”

The entire casting process takes around a half hour and is done using alginate gel, which is the same substance dentists use to take mouth molds.

Fancy having your anus immortalised in solid bronze? That process will set you back £1200.

Here’s a NSFW clip of alternative model Rayna Terror having the processs done:


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