Dirty Talking Sex Chatbots

chatbotsThe art of dirty talk is hard to master. Most people struggle with voicing their desires—sexual or otherwise—let alone expressing them in a way that excites another person’s genitals. But as with space exploration, targeted killings, and vacuuming under the sofa, robots have arrived to outperform humans on the field. In this case, they’re going to one-up your partner’s foreplay chat by responding to your desires with genius-programmed precision, keeping flawless memory of all your likes and dislikes (they’ll never call you “sugartits” again!), and learning exactly how rough you want it. Bonus? Chatbots won’t judge you for that Bernie Sanders role-play fantasy you’ve been dying to try out.

That’s the mission of Erotic Chatbots, Ltd. Behind the scenes of the dirty talk chatbot are two British men: chess genius Dr. David Levy and digital erotica king Paul Andrew. Dr. Levy is the President of Erotic Chatbots, Ltd. and the International Computer Games Association; he’s also the only person to have entered the esteemed Loebner Prize for human-computer conversation more than once and achieved a 100 per cent score by winning it each time. Paul Andrew, CEO of Erotic Chatbots, is a noted publisher of digital e-books, and thinks chatbots could offer us more sexual freedom. VICE spoke with the duo about loneliness, passion, and what it means to fall in love with a smooth-talking robot.

What I see as the future is people falling in love with robots, having sex with them, and marrying them. —Dr. David Levy

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