China’s Sexual Revolution

BEIJING — Sex toys and lingerie are helping to heat up China’s new sexual revolution.

chinasexThe Wall St. Journal reported that the country is beginning to change its stance on sexuality and embracing Western products and ideals. Nearly 71% of locals surveyed have had premarital sex (compared to only 15% in 1989), and bedroom novelty items are becoming more desired every day.

Adult stores are popping up on every Beijing corner, the report said. And ironically — considering most sex toys are imported from China to other countries — local entrepreneurs are looking to import better quality products from outside of China.

Jemimah Steinfeld, author of “Little Emperors and Material Girls,” which focuses on China’s sex and youth culture, interviewed one store owner who thinks Chinese toys are faulty.

And luxury lingerie is becoming a hot seller for newly empowered Chinese women who have more status than women in India and the Middle East.

One of the most popular sex-related products are hymen repair kits, according to the story, reflecting a surge in sexual hookups.

Although multiple mistresses continue been a major part of China’s culture, women are now taking male escorts as well. A local Chinese woman said at a panel discussion,

“There are women who have lovers just for fun too. Male prostitutes are far more expensive here because they have more work to do.”


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