Ben Dover Offers MP’s Wife £100k for Porn Shoot

mppornIt’s been a busy week for Labour MP Simon Danczuk! First off the honourable gentleman received some public backlash for favouriting hardcore porn on Twitter (which he galantly blamed on his perverted iphone). The 48-year-old was apparently unembarrassed about the whole misunderstanding thought and stressed although he doesn’t use porn regularly, that:

‘I am a man of the world and it (porn) is part of life, many people do.’

It was at this point that Mr.Danczuk’s lovely wife, ‘Selfie Queen’ Karen Danczuk, piped up with a tweet encouraging people to watch porn as it’s perfectly healthy.


Personally I think it’s refreshing to see a healthy, happy married couple in the public eye openly discussing pornography, especially in light of the recent changes to UK Porn Laws.

It’s no real surprise then that Mrs Dunczuk caught the eye of the UK Porn Industry which lead to her being cordially invited to host this year’s UK Porn Awards which she politely declined.

It seems the serial, sexy selfie taker also caught the eye of none other than UK Porn Legend, Mr bendover2Ben Dover who reportedly offered Mrs Duczuk a whopping £100,000 if she would care to join him for a XXX shoot or two.

Alas, Mrs Dunczuk also politely declined Ben’s offer, but respect to him for trying and to the Dunczuk’s for their healthy approach towards pornography. Do they get your vote? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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