Eve Xmas Photoshoot

Twas the night before Christmas and not a creature did stir,
Except for a trouser snake beneath red fur.

My stockings were red, pulled to mid thigh,
I knew Santa was watching as I piled my presents high.

Bent at the waist, the moon on my tits,
I couldn’t help but ask ‘Dear Santa, won’t you please touch my girly bits?’
‘For it’s late and cold and I’m all alone.

Hot, horny and looking for a jolly ‘ol fella to bone’,
He stepped forward, out of the shadows and said with a cheer
‘Oh dear girl, I have what you need right here!

He pulled out his length and slammed it home,
I took it so deep my mouth began to foam.

That ol’ St Nick rode me like I was one of his reindeer,
And I’ll bet you next year his first stop will be right here!

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