Pornhub’s $1,000 TwerkingButt

Twerk is in the dictionary now and Pornhub wants the TwerkingButt to be in your bedroom.

The hi-tech vibrating sex toy is a pretend posterior that will cost up to $1,000 and comes with a VR headset and companion apps for iOS and Android.

“We can barely contain our excitement for the new TwerkingButt,” says Corey Price, Pornhub’s Vice President.

TwerkingButt will “provide the ultimate experience in interactive cyber passion” by allowing you customize its twerking patterns, rhythm and vibrations.

The device is controlled using a bundled remote or your iOS or Android device. Its makers claim it simulates body heat, so users can cling on to the slight illusion of human contact as they make love to a disembodied butt.

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