Page 3 Rises from the…PR Stunt?

pag3back This was the glorious image that greeted The Sun readers on page 3 this morning, God bless you Nicole, 22, Bournemouth, you and your mammories are a welcome sight indeed.

There is of course now lots of speculation as to why the change of heart. Was it the plan all along to taketh away only to giveth us back the baps within a few short days in some sort of evil genius PR stunt? Did the back lash from readers/the public encourage the paper to reinstate our national treasures?

Some conspiracy theorists are even going so far as to suggest the whole #NoMorePage3 campaign was started by The page3backSun themselves. There’s no doubt it’s given them some great publicity this week, but I like to think it was more of ‘the joke’s on you’ towards the feminazis…

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