Adult Star Jada Stevens Gets Her Own Vape

jadavapeshot(Hollywood, CA) Bootylicious babe Jada Stevens now has her very own vape—the Jada Stevens Limited Edition Vape. Made by the Kind Pen, the dual vaporizer is for dry herbs and wax. It’s a very sophisticated, modern smoking device that’s a vaporizer styled as a pen. The tiny, pocket-sized vape weighs only 6 ounces and features a caricature of Jada’s world-famous ass, along with her initials JS.

The set comes complete with mouthpiece, Li-Ion battery, USB charger, ceramic heating chamber, dabber/packing tool, and a lifetime warranty, so you have everything you need to let the good times roll. Retail price is $79.99 and you can get yours at

“I’m so excited to have my own vape and I’m pretty sure I’m the only adult star to have one,” says Jada Stevens. “If you’re one of my fans, it’s a definitely must-have. But, get yours, because it’s extremely limited edition.”

And, everyone who purchases Jada’s new vape pen will be entered into a contest to win a personal phone call from jadavapekitJada. So, you can carry Jada in your pocket and maybe even talk to her on the phone.

Jada is known for her love of cannabis and is the spokesmodel for compassionate dispensary Reseda Discount Caregivers and Raw Rolling Papers.

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